Piranha Socials 2016 
Doughnuts on the deck: 
Join the team for a fun breakfast treat on TBD.  We will bring the doughnuts, you bring the fun!
Piranha Plunge:
Throughout the year we want to schedule time for the team to meet at the pool just to hang out!  We're calling it a Piranha Plunge!! Our 1st of many was on TBD, at 6:00pm. 
Upcoming Piranha Plunge
Next Piranha Plunge Fun Day is on TBD from 4-5:30pm. It is a fun event to pass Ribbons from the meet the day before, eat some snow cones, play some games and have a raffle for free private lessons from our amazing coaches.  It'll be a great time to celebrate the last day of school and the beginning of morning practice of swim season start from the following day.
Our team picture will be taken on TBD. Don't forget to bring your checkbooks.  There isn't regular practice that day because of our second meet which happens later in the afternoon.  We will have a Piranha Plunge afterward, so bring some snacks and stay and play for the morning.
Parent Social:
Come chill out with the coolest swim parents out there (at least, we think so)! 
Upcoming Piranha Parent Socials

                                                      Go Piranhas