Volunteers - How You Can Help? 
 Volunteers - How You Can Help? 

A swim team is run by volunteers—with exception of a highly qualified, paid coaching staff—parent participation is essential at every swim meet.  The Promontory Pointe Swim Team must furnish volunteers for both home and away meets, although more volunteers are required to host a home meet.

Each family is expected to work at least five volunteer slots during the swim season. This will allow most positions to just have to work ½ of the meet.  At registration, parents were given the opportunity to sign up to work in various positions.
For those who signed up to volunteer at the meet, you should be getting a reminder email shortly.  If you do not have a volunteer job, please send in refreshments for our concession stand.  We're looking for individually wrapped baked goods (2 cookies/bag) and fruit (bagged sliced oranges, whole bananas and apples). 

Please be on time for your job and shift.  If you have a schedule conflict or must be absent, it is up to you to schedule a replacement.  The best way to do this is to contact people assigned to your same job at another meet and arrange a switch or if you become available at the last minute please, contact Trisha Garza, the Volunteer Coordinator trishag10@gmail.com to assign a substitute in your place.  Please do so as soon as you know you will not be able to attend the meet you signed up for.

We are currently looking for a Volunteer coordinator to make all the volunteers know where to go during the meets. As always, we may look for last minute help, so please be open to helping.

Volunteer for Regular Swim Meets

    Friday, May 26th - at Stone Mountain
    Wednesday, June 7th - home vs Oaks at Sonterra
    Wednesday, June 14th - home vs Alamo Heights
    Monday, June 19th - at Timberwood Park    

Volunteer Positions with No Experience Needed

Parents of new members are encouraged to sign up for these jobs. There are easy jobs to fit everyone’s skills or abilities. Each job is important and can be fun!  Below is a list of jobs, which are necessary to run a swim meet.  Please sign up to work as a starter or stroke and turn judge if you have a competitive swim background either at the high school or college level.   

  • EQUIPMENT SET-UP AND TAKE-DOWN workers set up equipment before meets and pack equipment after meets (both home and away).  They also coordinate clean up of the pool area and parking lot after home meets. 

  • CONCESSION WORKERS aid in setting up the concession stand, selling refreshments, and cleaning up the concession stand at home meets.  Bakers will also be needed to provide muffins, cookies, or cupcakes for sale at the stand.

  • TEAM READY AREA PARENTS call swimmers to the ready area and help the coaches get swimmers lined up for the next events and maintains order in the ready area.  The coaches and team ready parents take the swimmers to the starting block area.

  • TIMERS use digital stopwatches to time and record the time on the lane timer sheets.  Each lane has three timers—one is in charge of the clipboard and legibly writing down the watch times, a second timer watches to ensure the times are correctly transcribed, and the third timer asks the swimmer his or her name to be sure the correct swimmer is in their event, heat, and lane.

  • RUNNERS collect lane timer sheets and disqualification slips from timers and judging officials and takes them to the scorekeeper’s table.

  • RIBBON PERSONNEL attaches a printed label with each swimmer's results (recording the swimmer's name, event, and time) to the appropriate place ribbon and sorts them into the Home or Visiting team’s ribbon box.  He or she periodically checks to ensure that all of the ribbons are going into the correct box.  At the end of the meet a rubber band is placed around all of the team’s ribbons and is given to the Head Coach of each team.

Volunteer Positions Requiring Training
Training for these positions is provided at a free, annual MSSL clinic (see details below).

  • MEET REFEREE has complete responsibility for a speedy and impartial conduct of the competition, knows the MSSL and swim stroke rules, is familiar with the whistle start procedures, inspects the pool and equipment, and conducts an officials’ meeting before the meet begins. The Meet Referee usually has worked as a stroke & turn judge for at least two swim seasons and could be, but DOES NOT have to be a nationally certified official.

  • STARTER’S primary job is to ensure all swimmers have a fair and equitable start, knows the MSSL rules and how they are applied, and is familiar with the whistle start procedures.

  • STROKE AND TURN JUDGE observes the swimmers in their assigned lanes, makes disqualifications when applicable, and understands the MSSL and swim stroke rules and how they are applied.

  • SCOREKEEPER takes the data from the lane timer sheets and inputs in into the Meet Manager software.  Periodically throughout the meet, the scorekeeper will print the ribbon labels for swimmers who place 1st – 6th.  At the end of the meet, the scorekeeper asks the Referee and 2 head coaches to sign the final score sheet.

Training at Maverick Summer Swim League Clinics
For those volunteering as judges, starters, & referees the swim league will be providing two clinics on the necessary rules and guidelines:  
Rules clinic: for Judges, starters, referees that attended the rules clinic last year TBD 2:00-2:30pm or TBD 2:00-2:30pm JCC Rm. 229
If you didn't attend the rules clinic last year clinic dates are: TBD 3-5pm JCC Rm. 229
Poolside training for Judges is on: May 20th at 6pm JCC.  

For those volunteering as scorekeeper, team rep. or coaches: training clinics will be held to teach the details of the Hi-Tek software package used to keep score.  The first clinic will be held on, TBD at 2-4pm, JCC Rm 227/228.  The second clinic will be held on TBD at 2-4pm, JCC Rm 229
All training clinics will be held in room 227/228 of the Jewish Community Center located at 12500 NW Military.   view map